eBN’s Intelligent Marketplace is Now Live!

Date: 30 June 2020


Reston, Virginia

Reston, VA: eBenefits Network (eBN) announced the advent of its Intelligent Marketplace, a new service designed to benefit all stakeholders in the HR benefit industry. The Intelligent Marketplace offers an innovated way to market and sell HR Benefit and Employee Perk products to employers and their employees using proprietary tools to match the right product to the right prospect at the right time, automatically. Employer Groups and Employees will benefit from timely, beneficial services by their trusted brokers and national vendors.

“No other platform exists where the right product for the right prospect is presented at the right time— automatically—maximizing your marketing dollar and time.” CEO Ash Rofail, Ph.D. “I always wanted to sell my products to the employees within the groups I serve—I just didn’t know how or where to get started. Now I do.” -Benefits Broker in Maryland. Features and benefits of the Marketplace include:

  • Brokers and Vendors can leverage data and automation to market and sell effortlessly, 24/7, with automation, to upsell and cross-sell their entire suite of products.
  • Brokers and Vendors can increase their reach into a current book of business and increase client engagement and employee participation using a platform that connects products and services to prospects that need them—including educational resources for prospects.
  • Brokers can gain new business by offering the marketplace to Employers and Employees for benefits and services with timely alerts to meet current needs, on a platform with no cost to them.