Our Process

We provide a permanent home to Enterprise Software Businesses. The businesses we buy are good businesses, where we identify drivers to make them great. To this end, we get introduced to hundreds of companies during the course of the year.


Our introductions are through both inbound and outbound inquiries. Regardless of origination, all of our introductions are the same. We take the time to provide a thorough overview of EXA’s model and understand your goals. Our objective is to determine if EXA can provide long-term value for you and your team.


Once we have determined that your business meets our criteria, and you have determined that EXA Capital will be a good home for your business, we typically exchange a Confidentiality Agreement so you can share more information with us.


As EXA continues to learn more about your business, we facilitate for you to meet some of our existing businesses managers to share their experience and post-acquisition journey. We are highly selective about issuing LOIs, indicating our commitment to the process and our intent to acquire your business under the terms of the LOI.

to Closing

Due diligence is a rigorous review of the business and includes a detailed analysis of accounting history and practices, operating practices, customer analysis, management and market reviews. The due diligence process is conducted by EXA's in-house team of experienced professionals.