EXA Capital has Acquired Valicom Corporation ("Valicom"), providers of Cleaview

Date: 09 Nov 2021


Fitchburg, Wisconsin

EXA Capital, LLC (“EXA”) has acquired Valicom Corporation (“Valicom”), providers of Clearview, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Valicom is a leader in telecom and technology management services for the mid-market, serving notable customers in both the public and private sector. Through their Clearview SaaS software platform, along with a full suite of telecom expense and inventory management services, Valicom delivers compliance, control, and visibility across various telecom and technology environments.

“Its not everyday that you come across a great business. Let alone a great business with a great team,” said Omer Sajid, Founder & CEO of EXA. “We look forward to combining Valicom’s deep industry expertise with EXA’s best practices and software specialists to provide Valicom’s customers with the best products and services.”

“We are excited for the new relationship with Omer and the EXA team. Valicom will continue to serve its Clients and Partners with the excellence that our business has been built on. Our team and strong foundation, coupled with our relationship with EXA, have positioned us well for accelerated growth. We are looking forward to the next chapter of success!” shared Valicom’s CEO, Jeff Poirior.

“If your primary objectives are to find a way to grow your organization, your team and your platform, then EXA could really be the partner you’re looking for.”

EXA is committed to protecting the legacy that Valicom’s Founder, Nancy Peckham, has built and EXA will continue growing the company alongside the elite and tenured team that Nancy has assembled over the years. As per EXA’s decentralized model, Valicom will retain its name, website, and autonomy through the acquisition, with their existing management team continuing to drive the direction of the company. EXA will leverage its proprietary operating playbook and acquisition expertise to further establish Valicom’s foothold in the telecom expense management space.
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